Cleaning out The BeeHive Studio

Here is the schedule for the Studio Sales - the plan is to clean out my studio so I can rent the space (I'm going to grad school this fall). Lots of books, art supplies, Zentangle stuff, Gelli plates, displays, store supplies...

The BeeHive will be open:

Saturday, June 27 from 10:00am-1:00pm
Friday, July 3 from 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday, July 4 from 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday, July 5 from Noon-5:00pm
Friday, July 10 from 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday, July 11 from 10:00am-5:00pm
Friday, July 17 from 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday, July 18 from 10:00am-Noon
Sunday, July 19 from Noon-5:00pm
Friday, July 24 from 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday, July 25 from 10:00am-5:00pm

That's it - better be empty by the end of July! :-)

The BeeHive is at 19 E. Main St., Warner, NH



Last Day!! Last Day!!

I just walked in the door and my cat gave me a dirty look. Like she was going to waste away to nothing from my neglect. It IS midnight and neither of us has eaten anything but a few cookies and bugs all day. (I had the cookies - actually ginger scones - Thanks Christine!! - and the cat ate the bugs).

The store was open until 8pm tonight and it was busy all day! When I got to work at 1pm, there was a line from the desk all the way to the back office! Thank you everyone who came and shopped today!!! I met so many cool people and even set up a playdate for me and my daughter. Yah!
There is still plenty of good stuff left and I spent the last four hours restocking and tidying the chaos. So there is fresh chaos for tomorrow's customers.

Everything in the store is 50% off (that's off the retail prices). And all of you who subscribed to our newsletter and were getting the "Secret Coupons" - the secret was an extra 20%... so that means everything was 70% off for you. So I'll do the same thing tomorrow, the very last day of the sale. So fill a basket or two with stuff and bring it to the counter. Say "I got the secret coupon, but I didn't print it out." That's the secret password. Very important. We'll automatically, and super-secretly add the discount to your slip. And don't stand in line telling everyone around you WHAT the secret sale is!!!?
By the way, 70% off is a freaking lot of money. So if you can't decide between two things, buy them both.

And please plan on being patient. People are buying MORE stuff, but we still have to scan the barcodes and add it all up. Math is hard. But Alex and Jillian don't have school tomorrow so they'll be in the shop helping. They are High School Kids and have more stamina and brain cells. And my mother won't force the poor innocent customers to help her bag stuff. If you bring ginger scones or chocolate chip cookies, please be sure to bring a lot because we have to share with all the people waiting in line. And my mom likes her coffee with milk. You know, just in case you were wondering... 


Warner Holiday Shopping Tour

Oh dear, it is almost 1 am and I am so exhausted. I will not email a separate secret coupon tonight. This post will have to do as your coupon, OK?

Tomorrow, Sat. December 10th is the town-wide Shopping Tour. There is tons of stuff going on all day such as horse and carriage rides, The Gingerbread Man play for kids at 1pm (I think) and cool stuff happening in all the shops. Oh - and if you pick up a "passport" and get it stamped in each shop (no purchase necessary), you can enter to win an amazing gift basket!

Sandy (that's me) is having an Open Studio upstairs in The Belfry too. There will be original artwork, stuff to make, gawk at the amazing tangled staircase, get your Zentangle books signed... it will be great fun.

OK, so what will we do for special sales in Wingdoodle? I think everything in the store is 20% off now. Here are some special for you blog-reader-folks...

40% off all crafty kits... Klutz kits, needle felting kits... see what you can find.

40% off all metal embossing tools and materials.

40% off all art supplies... paints, brushes... stuff

Buy 1, Get One Free for all books and magazines (Lower price item is free) (And my Zentangle books don't count)

$15 Make-Your-Own-Grab-Bag-of-Rubber-Stamps (insane!) - you get a little purple paper sack and stuff it with ANY rubber stamps (or clear stamps) that you want. The only rule, is that they MUST fit inside the bag so that the top can close. Nobody can stick out. I tested it, and you can fit a lot of (expensive) stamps in one bag. You can always buy a whole bunch of bags and get a real steal! (This stamp deal only applies to in-store purchases).

These specials are only good this weekend. I hope to see you tomorrow - be sure to come upstairs and visit!


Online Shopping, Part Three - Artsy Stuff and Books

If you haven't seen the original post, which explains why I am showing you all these pictures, check it out here. The second post, featured rubber stamps. This should be the last post with all these photos! So, we move on to the artsy stuff, and books...


DIY action figures to decorate and alter - penguin, rabbit, cupcake, strange thingy. Oh - and Moleskine journals, we have a lot.
More DIY - Munnys in all sizes, characters, and even one with a car.
Needle-felting kits - these are really nice, and only a few left.
Genesis oil paints, Golden acrylics, Claudine Helmuth acrylics, paint sticks, watercolors, daubers, Sharpie oil-based  markers, colored pencils, Stampbord...
Smash Books and supplies. These are like a marriage between altered books and scrapbooks. Love 'em.
Sketchbooks, Moleskines, calligraphy supplies, Scratch-Foam...
Pearl Pens (dimensional paint, with a fine tip)
Technique Tuesday metal embossing supplies
Scrapbook paper... we also have a few empty racks, just like the two shown here, for sale.
Glue, tape, and other sticky things
Flower soft powders (like flocking)
Tim Holtz die-cutter thingies
More Tim Holtz "thingies" - gears, doorknobs, keyholes, tags...
paper packs for card makers
Canvases... there are really tiny ones too! Super cute.
We have almost all the art and craft Klutz books.
Klutz - Animation, drawing, thumb prints...
More klutz...
More Klutz books. The Magic Horse one is like horse and fairy paper dolls with a gazillion reversible accessories. (My daughter owns a lot of these book/kits.)
A few more Klutz books/games, and marbles
Sewing, dollmaking, stuffies, Kawaii, kids' art books...
Colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic painting, creativity...
Snowflakes, mosaics, woodburning, assemblage, art-junk, altered things, jewelry, polymer clay...
Book-making, printmaking, recycled art, scrapbooking, quilting, weird toys...
Gift books, fantasy art, and LOTS of art magazines. We have a whole rack of back issues too.
Kids' coloring and activity books... kids' sketchbooks
Big people coloring books, journals, and Laini's Angels
 OK, so that should show you pretty much what I have for sale at my store. Yes, that IS a LOT of product... and there is more in the stock room too. EEK. So I would appreciate it if you would tell your friends and use your coupons and buy my stuff! I need to clear out all the stock by Christmas so that I can move on to whatever I decide to do next in life. If you are a store owner, I am happy to sell you chunks of inventory at wholesale too.

Online Shopping, Part Two - Get crafty!

If you haven't seen the previous post, which explains why I am showing you all these pictures, check it out here. Now on to the more crafty stuff...

Outlines Stamps
Backgrounds, frames, patterns
Cling stamps
Plants, flowers...
My favorite section - the weird stamps!
Paula Best... and a bunch of Fred Mullet's fish stamps, and fabric markers
Stamp pads
embossing powders and ink pads
Ranger Distress Inks, glitter glue...
MORE Distress inks, paints and pads
If you like cute - there are A LOT of House Mouse stamps.
A LOT of House Mouse stamps...
A LOT of House Mouse stamps... and more...
I mean... four sides of a display unit!?

Can't Come to Wingdoodle? - Online Shopping, of a sort

Are you pouting because you keep seeing the really great specials I keep sending out as secret coupons (click here to sign up for YOUR own coupons)... you don't live anywhere near New Hampshire or you just can't seem to make it up to the store? Yeah, that's really tough! But I am trying to clear out the inventory in the next few weeks, so I could really use your help - and you could probably still use a bunch of holiday gifts, right? Or use this chance to get all your birthday gifts for the year too.

I can't set up an instant online store, but I did the next-best-lazy-person thing... I took photos of all the shelves and walls around the store! I'll post the pictures in a few blog posts with some descriptions. If you see something you would like, send an email to: info@wingdoodle.com and be sure to put "Blog Sale" in the Title. List the items you would like and we'll get back to you with prices. You can apply any of the coupons you have received and everything else (w/o coupon) is 20% off. I will raise the discount as we get closer to closing, but many items are selling out, so there won't be as much choice. The only items that don't get a discount are Zentangle products and my books. (There will be a shipping charge as well).

Sound good? Let's get started - there's a lot of stuff to clear out!


Hats, mittens, scarves
Collector dolls - Kermit, Miss Piggy, Kathe Kruse angels, Anderson minis
more collector dolls... Dorothy, Glinda, Elfaba (Wicked Witch)
Bananagrams, cool kitchen things, key-caps
Putumayo and other kids' music CD's (Boynton, Dan Zanes...)
Bracelets and necklaces for charms (french fries, hearts...)
More charms (cupcakes, s'mores, sneakers...)
Tangoes tangrams

Lots of Games! Haba, Gamewright...
Stuffed bears, armadillos, baby toys, Bonz
Puppets by Folkmanis, Fraggle Rock, Manhattan toy... yes! that IS a frog -in-a-spaceship puppet!
lenticular action books, balls, wooden dolls' fire station, and doll house furniture, and a stuffed stack of pancakes (they are light and fluffy!)
Stuffed body parts (organs, actually) and blind-box toys (not many left - Nightmare Before Xmas!)
Automoblox  (very cool wooden racing cars), mini-Blythe dolls, SmartMax building toys...
Ugly Dolls! Big, little, wind-up, ceramic...


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