Can't Come to Wingdoodle? - Online Shopping, of a sort

Are you pouting because you keep seeing the really great specials I keep sending out as secret coupons (click here to sign up for YOUR own coupons)... you don't live anywhere near New Hampshire or you just can't seem to make it up to the store? Yeah, that's really tough! But I am trying to clear out the inventory in the next few weeks, so I could really use your help - and you could probably still use a bunch of holiday gifts, right? Or use this chance to get all your birthday gifts for the year too.

I can't set up an instant online store, but I did the next-best-lazy-person thing... I took photos of all the shelves and walls around the store! I'll post the pictures in a few blog posts with some descriptions. If you see something you would like, send an email to: info@wingdoodle.com and be sure to put "Blog Sale" in the Title. List the items you would like and we'll get back to you with prices. You can apply any of the coupons you have received and everything else (w/o coupon) is 20% off. I will raise the discount as we get closer to closing, but many items are selling out, so there won't be as much choice. The only items that don't get a discount are Zentangle products and my books. (There will be a shipping charge as well).

Sound good? Let's get started - there's a lot of stuff to clear out!


Hats, mittens, scarves
Collector dolls - Kermit, Miss Piggy, Kathe Kruse angels, Anderson minis
more collector dolls... Dorothy, Glinda, Elfaba (Wicked Witch)
Bananagrams, cool kitchen things, key-caps
Putumayo and other kids' music CD's (Boynton, Dan Zanes...)
Bracelets and necklaces for charms (french fries, hearts...)
More charms (cupcakes, s'mores, sneakers...)
Tangoes tangrams

Lots of Games! Haba, Gamewright...
Stuffed bears, armadillos, baby toys, Bonz
Puppets by Folkmanis, Fraggle Rock, Manhattan toy... yes! that IS a frog -in-a-spaceship puppet!
lenticular action books, balls, wooden dolls' fire station, and doll house furniture, and a stuffed stack of pancakes (they are light and fluffy!)
Stuffed body parts (organs, actually) and blind-box toys (not many left - Nightmare Before Xmas!)
Automoblox  (very cool wooden racing cars), mini-Blythe dolls, SmartMax building toys...
Ugly Dolls! Big, little, wind-up, ceramic...

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