Online Shopping, Part Three - Artsy Stuff and Books

If you haven't seen the original post, which explains why I am showing you all these pictures, check it out here. The second post, featured rubber stamps. This should be the last post with all these photos! So, we move on to the artsy stuff, and books...


DIY action figures to decorate and alter - penguin, rabbit, cupcake, strange thingy. Oh - and Moleskine journals, we have a lot.
More DIY - Munnys in all sizes, characters, and even one with a car.
Needle-felting kits - these are really nice, and only a few left.
Genesis oil paints, Golden acrylics, Claudine Helmuth acrylics, paint sticks, watercolors, daubers, Sharpie oil-based  markers, colored pencils, Stampbord...
Smash Books and supplies. These are like a marriage between altered books and scrapbooks. Love 'em.
Sketchbooks, Moleskines, calligraphy supplies, Scratch-Foam...
Pearl Pens (dimensional paint, with a fine tip)
Technique Tuesday metal embossing supplies
Scrapbook paper... we also have a few empty racks, just like the two shown here, for sale.
Glue, tape, and other sticky things
Flower soft powders (like flocking)
Tim Holtz die-cutter thingies
More Tim Holtz "thingies" - gears, doorknobs, keyholes, tags...
paper packs for card makers
Canvases... there are really tiny ones too! Super cute.
We have almost all the art and craft Klutz books.
Klutz - Animation, drawing, thumb prints...
More klutz...
More Klutz books. The Magic Horse one is like horse and fairy paper dolls with a gazillion reversible accessories. (My daughter owns a lot of these book/kits.)
A few more Klutz books/games, and marbles
Sewing, dollmaking, stuffies, Kawaii, kids' art books...
Colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic painting, creativity...
Snowflakes, mosaics, woodburning, assemblage, art-junk, altered things, jewelry, polymer clay...
Book-making, printmaking, recycled art, scrapbooking, quilting, weird toys...
Gift books, fantasy art, and LOTS of art magazines. We have a whole rack of back issues too.
Kids' coloring and activity books... kids' sketchbooks
Big people coloring books, journals, and Laini's Angels
 OK, so that should show you pretty much what I have for sale at my store. Yes, that IS a LOT of product... and there is more in the stock room too. EEK. So I would appreciate it if you would tell your friends and use your coupons and buy my stuff! I need to clear out all the stock by Christmas so that I can move on to whatever I decide to do next in life. If you are a store owner, I am happy to sell you chunks of inventory at wholesale too.


Leelee said...

I am incredibly sad to see that you are closing your store. Wingdoodle has been one of my favorite stores for a few years now and the one bright spot I look forward to stopping at between my house in Merrimack and the Dr's office at DHMC in Lebanon. I love your Beezink line of stamps and have been slowly collecting them. They make me laugh and I find all sorts of uses for them. I also love that you carry fine art supplies because it is very hard to find those here in NH. I wish you all the best and am sure you'll be successful in whatever you undertake next, but I will really, really miss your store.


How much are your scrapbook racks?



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