Warner Holiday Shopping Tour

Oh dear, it is almost 1 am and I am so exhausted. I will not email a separate secret coupon tonight. This post will have to do as your coupon, OK?

Tomorrow, Sat. December 10th is the town-wide Shopping Tour. There is tons of stuff going on all day such as horse and carriage rides, The Gingerbread Man play for kids at 1pm (I think) and cool stuff happening in all the shops. Oh - and if you pick up a "passport" and get it stamped in each shop (no purchase necessary), you can enter to win an amazing gift basket!

Sandy (that's me) is having an Open Studio upstairs in The Belfry too. There will be original artwork, stuff to make, gawk at the amazing tangled staircase, get your Zentangle books signed... it will be great fun.

OK, so what will we do for special sales in Wingdoodle? I think everything in the store is 20% off now. Here are some special for you blog-reader-folks...

40% off all crafty kits... Klutz kits, needle felting kits... see what you can find.

40% off all metal embossing tools and materials.

40% off all art supplies... paints, brushes... stuff

Buy 1, Get One Free for all books and magazines (Lower price item is free) (And my Zentangle books don't count)

$15 Make-Your-Own-Grab-Bag-of-Rubber-Stamps (insane!) - you get a little purple paper sack and stuff it with ANY rubber stamps (or clear stamps) that you want. The only rule, is that they MUST fit inside the bag so that the top can close. Nobody can stick out. I tested it, and you can fit a lot of (expensive) stamps in one bag. You can always buy a whole bunch of bags and get a real steal! (This stamp deal only applies to in-store purchases).

These specials are only good this weekend. I hope to see you tomorrow - be sure to come upstairs and visit!

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