CLASS Buttons...Buttons...

My "thank you" note spool with a hand stamped button on the spool top...
This is my "love" quote I did for Valentine's Day...

· Saturday, March 19, 12-3 pm
I have a fetish for buttons and I am going to show you some of the cool things that I’ve been doing with them. We’ll stamp on them, we’ll apply papers, we’ll combine them on flowers, and then we’ll make a sweet little spool book that will combine all these techniques! The spool book, which is pictured, was something I created to send my "thank you" notes for Christmas presents. It is made with layered cloth, a strip of muslin which I have sealed for
writing purposes, and then all of it is wrapped around an empty thread spool. There's virtually no sewing... hmm, well that's a small fib, you have to sew a button on the outside for a closure. I have lots of stamps for you to use, and I'll have some fabrics, buttons,
tags, but come with any extras you might want to bring!! Please bring your regular class kit, a needle for sewing, and your imagination!
Class Fee $30
As always please pre-register by calling Wingdoodle at 603.456.3515 or emailing me at adele@wingdoodle.com

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SherRee said...

I've seen the buttons and this is going to be a great class. Can't wait to take it.


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