Inventory and Books

Today is day 4 of inventory and it is going quickly but if you have done inventory before in a store you know that counting gets a bit tedious.  While Adele and I were counting books today we was opening and scanning through some of the books.  I have been working at Wingdoodle for over 2 years now and never really realized what a wonder and extensive selection of  books we carry.  Kay does a fantastic job of ordering high quality and visually beautiful instructional and informative books in everything from dollmaking to journaling.  Our journaling books are some of the best I've seen anywhere.  We even have a book on things to make with a dead computer. Adele believes that we have one of the best selection of art and craft books this side of Boston.  If you are a person who likes to look through and feel a book before you buy it Wingdoodle is the place to come.  We have people come into the store and sit on the floor by the bookshelves or take a stack of books to the demo table and look through them on a regular bases.  We will be reopening Tuesday January 18th.

See you all in 2 weeks.


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Adele said...

Yes...I totally think that the book section at Wingdoodle is the best North of Boston. we have such a HUGE variety..mixed media, watercolor, pencil, Zentangle, encaustic, sewing, quilting....and on and on. It's worth a trip (after the 18th) and let us know if there is something missing...we'll fill it in!!!


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