Get Well Zentangles

Sandy had to have eye surgery today.  It was a planned surgery and she is doing great. Kay thought it would be fun for her to get some eye shaped get well Zentangles.   Zentangles always make you feel better. So if you want to do a Zentnagle for Sandy you can send it in care of  Wingdoodle and we will make sure she gets them.

P.O. Box 145
Warner, NH 03278

Thank you



Linda Farmer said...

Hi SherRee, I've just posted this on TanglePatterns.com and invited subscribers to join in! Thanks for letting us know Sandy's doing well and give her hugs from all of us. Cheers, Linda

SherRee said...

The Zentangles will be like nice hugs.

Cora Calliope said...

Awesome idea! I will make Sandy a get well Zentangle today!


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