Another Ornament Tutorial!

 Here is another ornament tutorial that can be hung on your tree, door or wreath for the holidays.
It uses Ten Seconds Studio metal sheets, a die cutter (not necessary as you can draw and cut images by hand) a wooden block, acrylic paint, some burlap and finishing nails or tacks.
Find a block shape that you like, I used a square shape.  Drill two holes in the top for hanging the finished product.  Cut some shapes out of the metal paper with your die cut machine or by hand.  I also used metal flashing -- but warning it is VERY SHARP!

First, paint your block.  I painted it cream color and sponged dark brown on the edges to give it a rustic look. Then, cut a piece of burlap -- or any other textured material (mesh, upholstery fabric).  Then, take your die cut shapes and place them on your block to see which you prefer....
 "25" with the cut outs?   Not quite what I was looking for...
 "25" with a star.... almost what I wanted....
 Two folk art stars?   Just missing something....
 Two trees?  Hmmm... I think I know what I want....
"25" with a tree works for me!
Have fun with your project.  I liked this one because the colors were unusual.  I liked the textures and the rustic look of the ornament! 
Wingdoodle has lots of die cut shapes and the machine available at the store.  Stop in and see the selection and be inspired!

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