And Another Ornament Tutorial!

 Here is yet another ornament that you can easily make at home.  This one uses metal paper from Ten Seconds Studio in barn red and gold.  I also used a die cut (Tim Holtz tattered flowers) but you could use any shape or just cut your own.  I started by cutting the basic ornament shape, which is the large circle with a rectangle top - for the cap.  I cut out some birds as well - just out of curiosity. 
The metal paper cuts easily and beautifully.  It is sharp, so be careful!
 Here are the die cuts.   I also cut some from scrap paper from an altered book.
 Then, I embossed patterns onto each ornament. 
 These two plastic templates are from Ten Seconds Studio, but anything that has a pattern - a blanket, a cutting board, a tray, asphalt, fabric --- anything would work!
 Here are the embossed images.  I pinned the flower layers together with brads to make a 3D image.  I also, sanded the raised images.
 Here are the finished ornaments.
 They look very striking on a tree or wreath.
 Here is an ornament with a flower attached.
 Even the flowers look great on the tree.
 Here are some more.
 The ornaments can be embossed with a stylus or empty ball point pen and a pad of paper.  In order to emboss, place the pad of paper underneath the metal paper and draw on the metal paper.  Go over the ridges again for a deeper ridge.
The flower petals were easily bent to give a 3D effect.

- Daniela

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SherRee said...

The ornaments are beautiful. You do such a great


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