A Little Help from my Friends

I am involved with a great gallery in Manchester, NH called East Colony Fine Art. It's a co-operative venue and we have a wonderful space in the Langley Mill Building where we all have space to show our work. It has been a terrific opportunity for me because it pushes me to create pieces that are not my usual work that you find at the League of NH Gallery stores...rather work that is outside my comfort zone, challenging me to create outside the box. It is terrific!!
One of our members has contracted a very serious type of cancer and he has run through his insurance. We have gotten together and are putting on a show tomorrow night, that's Friday from 5-8, and we will be selling little 6x6 originals to raise money for him. Patels, oils, watercolors, mixed media, mosaics, and on and on. It's guaranteed to be a fun time...so if you are looking for something to do after work...come on down!

These are a couple of my pieces that are for sale tomorrow night

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SherRee said...

Nice pieces Adele. Hope you all raise a bunch of money.


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