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I have a real problem with tape runners and also tape guns.  If you have been in one of my classes you know I always have just plain old double-sided tape.  Well, that has all changed, I was introduced to the Glue Glider Pro from Glue Arts.  It is so easy to use and extremely easy to refill, just pop the tape cartridge in and then pop it out when the tape is empty and throw it away.  There are two types of cartridges permatac and extremetac both can be used in the same gun just change out the cartridge.  The tape glides on smoothly and you don't get the gummed up mess that you do with some runners or guns.

In the Tim Holtz class I just took in Florida we used another of  Glue Arts products called Extreme Adhesive Squares.  These little squares are extremely permanent and instantly bond.  We glued a small clock face to a domino with  it. Never have an embellishment fall off again.  Great stuff!

Then there is the 3D Combo Pacs in which you get a combination of adhesive squares and 3D adhesive foam blanks.  It comes in a little storage pouch so you can keep it together and take it with you.

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