Ranger Products - Stash Busting!

Ranger makes fantastic products and I set out to incorporate their products into my artwork.  
Ranger's Grunge Paper by Tim Holtz is a rugged paper that is spongey, strong yet pliable and absorbent.
Tim Holtz's Distress Inks are fun to work with and work well with a spritz of water.  The inkpads are more durable than standard ink pads, so they work well to edge tags, scrub ink onto the Grunge Paper and rub ink the pad against cardstock and chipboard.
The Crackle Paint is easy!  One step  -paint it on and let it dry.  It crackles all by itself!  No more 2 or 3 step crackle processes.  The brush applicator is already included inside the bottle, so you even save time from clean up!
Lastly, Rangers' Crackle Gloss and Gloss Adhesive are strong, clear and quick drying.  The bottle comes with a thin spout allowing for precise application.  Sometimes, they dry clogged (if you don't use them regularly), but sticking a pin in the applicator clears it right up.
Yellow Crackle Paint was used for the background.
Distress Inks, White Gel Pen and Textured Paper were used on the Background.
Distress Inks were used for the background.  Grunge Paper made the shabby rose.
My favorite tag!  Distress Inks, Grunge Paper Rose and Tim Holtz stamp

Here are some samples I made using these products.  Here is the easy technique I used for the background.

Swipe the distress pad along a disposable plastic tablecloth.  You could also use the Distress Ink from the dropper.  Then spritz with water
Here I showed both steps with the Broken China Distress Ink.

Place the tags onto the wet ink and "smoosh".  Flip over and dry with a heat gun, if you are impatient like me or wait until dry.  Repeat as many times with as many colors as you like until you get the desired effect.

I store all my Distress Inkpads in ziplock bags so they don't dry out.  This helps extend their life!

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