Delicate Blossom Card

This is a quick and easy card but has 7 step.  Don't be intimidated because it has 7 steps.  I did this card with a customer today in less then 10 minutes.  The thing that takes the longest is for the glitter glue to dry.

You will need:
White Ranger Gloss Paper
Variety of Adirondack Alcohol inks
Blending Solution
Blending tool with a piece of felt
Black StazOn ink
VersaMark Dazzle or any clear embossing ink
Glitter glue
Black Cardstock
Double stick tape
Green Marker 

Step 1 - Select whatever colors of alcohol inks you want to use.  I used Red Pepper, Cranberry,  Raspberry and a Gold Mixative from Adirondack.  I put the inks on a piece of felt attached to a Ranger Blender handle.   Then I pounced it on white glossy paper (do not use photo paper it does not work).  I used Ranger Gloss paper.  If you want to move the inks a little or lighten your colors apply a small amount of Adirondack Blending Solution either to the felt or you can drizzle small drops directly onto your paper after applying alcohol inks.  

Step 2 - Ink up your stamp with StazOn black.  You have to use Stazon on glossy paper otherwise it will smear.  I use the Delicate Blossom Poly Clear stamp from Hero Art.

Step 3 - Using a regular marker color in your stems.

Step 4 - After coloring your stems apply clear embossing powder ( it will adhere to the marker on the glossy paper because it stays wet) then heat with an embossing gun.  Let cool.

Step 5 - Take a VersaMark Dazzle pad and put it all over the stamped image.  You want your whole card covered with the ink.  Just tap it do not rub.

Step 6 - Put clear embossing powder over the whole card and heat with an embossing gun.  Let cool

Step 7 - Mount to card and add a little bit of  yellow glitter glue to the middle of the flowers.  Let glitter glue dry.

Have fun.

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Looks beautiful!


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