New Books

Collage Lab by Bee Shay offers artists and crafters a fun and experimental approach to making art.  The content of the book is organized into 52 different labs that may, but don't need to be, explored on a weekly basis.  The labs can be worked in any order, so you can flip around to learn a new technique or be inspired by a particular theme or application.

The underlying message of the book is that artists can and should learn and gain expertise through experimentation and play.  There is no right or wrong result for a given exercise, yet you will gain skills and confidence in your medium, allowing you to take your work to a new level.

Illustrated with brilliant full-color images and multiple examples of each lab.
Offers a visual, nonlinear approach to learning art techniques.
Reinforces a fun and fearless approach to making art.

Creative Wildfire by L.K. Ludwig is an introduction to art journaling-basic and beyond. Art Journaling is a vital activity for anyone who needs a place to be creative, experiment, draw, paint, document ideas, and continue an interior dialog.  This lush, visual book is a must-have volume for both beginning and experienced art journelers.  Each chapter presents crucial, basic information for how to get started and is layered with in-depth features and activities covering advanced techniques, approaches to working, as well as insightful interviews with well-known journaling artists.  The book comes with a beautiful recycled blank art journal in a take-along size, ready to catch your daily inspirations.

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