More Vinyl Toys!

Here is yet another vinyl toy that I decorated with an different technique. I have posted about decorating the vinyl toys by painting them with acrylic paint and adding more architecture with polymer clay. This one isn't designed by MUNNY, the company that makes the others, but it is a vinyl toy that starts looking like this one below:

Same lovely blank palette. I decided that I wanted to dye it with dye. So, I set a pot of blue fabric dye on the stove on low heat. I used an entire bottle, after being told that the liquid dye creates a more even color. (In the future, I will try using powdered fabric dye.) But, first, wash the toy with a cloth and a drop of dish soap. This will remove any oils that have settled on the toy and produce a more even color.

Before I dyed the piece, I plugged the hole in the bottom of the toy with some clay or FUN TAC, so that the toy wouldn't fill with liquid. This toy does not have movable arms or a removable head, but if it did, I would remove those parts as well and fill any holes with the clay...
Then I soaked the parts for 6 minutes in the dye. I could have removed it sooner, but I wanted the bright color that was achieved rather easily. I removed the dyed piece and was very pleased with the color.
As you can see, the toy achieved a vibrant color, but seems to be mottled in the picture. When this dried, I just wiped it away with a damp cloth. The result was a nice even dye. Also, when I removed the still warm dye from the dye bath, it was "compressed" a bit from the heat and the fact that I plugged the opening. After it dried enough to touch it undisturbed, I removed the clay piece and it went back to its original shape.

I let it dry overnight and then went to town!
I made two eyes out of polymer clay (I couldn't resist using the polymer clay!) and then used an acrylic dimensional paint to make the flourish on the side and the dots on the base.
I colored in the pupils & irises with marker.


SherRee said...

Cute, cute, cute!

SandyB said...

They keep getting better and better! This little guy is adorable - and I love the dimensional paint. I have always wanted to try dyeing the plastic, but I didn't have the courage to test it. Thanks for doing the guinea pig work for us.


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