Here are two more MUNNY's... (check out previous posts). "Little Red" & "Big Bad Wolfie".
These were made with Scupley polymer clay, acrylic paints and sealant.
Using polymer clay with MUNNYs couldn't be easier! The polymer clay bonds easily with the vinyl MUNNY. Just be sure to keep the dedicated oven a low temperature (no higher than 280) and bake slowly. When bake out is complete, just shut off the oven and allow the MUNNY to cool and harden in the oven. The MUNNY will be soft from the heat and malleable, so unless you want to shape it further, allow it to cool and harden.
Here is "Red". I washed the naked MUNNY with a rag and a drop of dish soap. Then, I sketched lightly with pencil on the MUNNY where I wanted the apron to fall, her eyes, etc. I painted her, many layers, starting with the flesh tone and body. After she was dry, I sprayed a coat of gloss on all sides, to seal it.
I conditioned the polymer clay, rolling it and cutting it to the shape of the cape. The red polymer clay stains! It stains my fingers and it left marks on the sealed MUNNY. I was able to wipe away the marks because of the sealant, but be careful. That brilliant red color comes at a price!
I preheated my dedicated polymer clay oven to 280, letting the heating elements spike and then cool to the proper temperature. Do not add your piece to the oven before it achieves proper temperature - your piece could burn. I slide my MUNNY into the oven on a tile and let it bake for 30 minutes, as the clay was thin. I shut off the oven and then let it cool!

"Wolfie" was a little more work, but just as fun. I started out washing the undecorated MUNNY with a rag and dishsoap. I decided that the MUNNY needed to have pointy ears, more of a snout and some ferocious teeth! I conditioned polymer clay and starting building the snout. Now, I originally popped off the head to make the alterations. It was easy to work on it this way, but I had to pop it back on the body to make sure that it wouldn't tip over.
I added the pointy ears, teeth, nose and baked the head.
After it cooled, I painted the MUNNY. I added layers of brown to make the fur!


SherRee said...

Very Cool!

SandyB said...

Too cute - I LOVE these two!!!


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