Easter Goodies and Sharpies

Easter, Springtime and Sharpies! What a great way to decorate those Easter goodies!
All three of these eggs used Sharpie markers. The tiny eggs were decorated with sharpie oil based markers that come in vibrant, beautiful colors. Wingdoodle stocks many colors on their "Marker Wall of Fame".

The markers in Wingdoodle are located to the right of the cash register or as I like to call it Pen & Marker Alley! The wall has all kinds of markers, pigment, liners, permanent and more!
Here is the Sharpie Wall - fine tip, wide tip, oil based colors even metallics. Wingdoodle has a great selection and makes embellishing things easier.
Sandy & the WCA created a fantastic gnu using Sharpies. I was inspired on a much smaller scale!
Here is a large foam egg. You can use any blank surface. Some surfaces might need to be roughed up with sandpaper, but others like paper mache require little surface prep. This egg was my attempt at using some of Sandy's zentangles and some just doodles. It was fun. I used a gold metallic sharpie and loved the result.
Here is a foam egg, I made for my 2 year old niece. I used the brilliant colors of the oil based sharpies. I modeled this one after a Faberge egg. It was fun and less messy than dipping eggs in dye!
Lastly, here is my egg for my 3 year old nephew. He loves the color orange and I think he looks great in yellow & brown, so those colors were my inspiration. I just did layers and layers of colors and shapes and had so much fun. I think it is bright enough for a 3 year old to enjoy!


Sandy said...

Really cool project.

Sandy said...

I love these eggs! and you should see the Tattoo Gnu - all decorated with SHARPIE OIL PAINT MARKERS. We use these a lot for all sorts of projects, including our current MUNNY Decorating Contest. (Munnys are cute creatures from KIDROBOT.)kay

Unknown said...

May I ask what kind of eggs you used? All the Styrofoam ones I find are very rough on the surface but yours are as nice and smooth as real eggs.

Ajithkumar Yadhavan said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

Sharpie Paint Markers


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