Journal Spilling

Go ahead make a mess! There are no lines to stay inside of here. You're free to quiet your inner critic and spill color (as well as your thoughts) all over the page. Author Diana Trout offers a double-dose of encouragement for you to try out new techniques, to ask yourself new questions and to see how safe of a place your private journal can truly be.

Whether you've been carrying around an art journal for years, or have been waiting for just the right push, in the pages of Journal Spilling you will learn new ways with mixed media as well as new insights about yourself. Step-by-step instruction will make the process easy and you'll explore such techniques as:

Using salt, alcohol and wax paper as resists for watercolor.
"Spilling" color over your page with the help of watercolor crayons.
Creating unique lines and shapes with a fun ink-blowing technique.
Making secret pockets and flaps for storing wishes and private reflections.
Carving and stamping with hand-carved stamps, making your pages even more personal.
Getting out of a writing rut with prompts and inspiring exercises and much more.

Find out today just how fulfilling using creative expression in your personal journal can be and let Journal Spilling be the friend to offer you support for each page you create.

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