Wear comfortable shoes, Molly tells her grandmother; and be sure to go to the bathroom before you leave. In this charming story of role reversal call, How To Take Your Grandmother To The Museum, grandmother and granddaughter trade places for the day, and discover a lot more than just dinosaur bones on a trip to the museum.

A collection of prehistoric whimsy and rhyme, Bone Poems by Jeff Moss, Sesame Street co-creator and best-selling author, is for everyone who wants to know the funny bone side of dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and other remarkable creatures from long ago.

We also have a new scanimation picture book call Waddle! The pink pig prances, the brown bear scampers, the gray elephant stomps. Just watch how these creatures move with color. Seeing is believing.

The game of the year is now an obsessive book. Filled with 575 puzzles, Bananagrams takes the anagram to new brain-twisting levels. In fact, four levels-Easy to Extra Hard-spread across seven clever puzzle types, for Banana Splits (solve letter substitution scrambles in rapid-fire fashion) to Banana Leaves (a progressive search for four-, five-, six-, and seven-letter words that will challenge you for hours).

"Serious Silliness" From the inimitable Sandra Boynton, a big box of pure read-aloud pleasure,
featuring high-stepping pigs and chickens, a PJ-clad menagerie, and the most unusual gang of dinosaurs yet. Oh what fun! Check out the Big Box of Boynton for small and curious kids.

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