New Store Hours (and secret stuff...shhh!)

Wingdoodle's new store hours will be: 

Thursday....11am to 8pm
Friday........11am to 5pm
Saturday....11am to 4pm
Sunday......12am to 3pm

Monday to Wednesday open by appointment
(Let us know when you will be driving through town, and we will do our best to be here for you.)

We will keep these hours until Christmas, then we will close the store for the rest of the winter while we regroup and figure out what comes next. We may reopen again in the Spring. Or not. Who knows?

The GOOD news for YOU is that we need to clear out as much stock as possible before the holidays. So there will be lots of sales and really great discounts coming up! The specials will get better and better as we get closer to closing, but we also will not be reordering. If there is something you have had your eye on for a while, don't wait too long to get it!

For now, everything in the store (except Zentangle® books and materials) is 10% off. This includes the books and magazines that are already discounted 40%.

If you would like to hear about some super-secret special sales coming soon... be sure to sign up here: http://eepurl.com/cMIW2. I'll send you coupons as I think of specials. If you have some sale fantasies of your own, write them in the comments. You never know. Just because we need to clear out the store in only a few weeks, doesn't mean we can't have a heck of a lot of fun doing it! ;-D

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