OOTS Rocks Warner

There is a small group in Warner, NH called Out of the Studio, OOTS for short. We meet upstairs at Wingdoodle once a month. At our last meeting we decided it would be fun to do art on rocks and place them around town for people to pick up and take home, Random Acts of Art.

There are tags on the rocks saying pick me up and take me home. On the bottom it says Random Acts of Art for you. We all did something different on our rocks. Everything from Zentangle, calligraphy, collage, photography and some sparkle.

Do not be shy if you find a rock - please take it home with you. If you would like to let us know at Wingdoodle that you found a rock, we'd love to know. Look on Wingdoodle's facebook page, there are lots of pictures and they might even give you a hint on where to find the rocks. Have fun looking for all these neat little packages of art.


R said...

thanks OOTS...this is fun!!!

SherRee said...

You found one!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!


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