Entries for our Munny Contest

We had 13 entries in our Munny contest, 5 adults and 8 juniors.  It was so much fun and the customizations were as imagative as they were diversed.  I will put pictures up of the party and the winners probably Monday but I just had to put up the pictures of the entries today.  It was all very exciting and fun and the birthday cake was delicious. We will be doing it again for Halloween so put your thinking cap on and start designing now. Also Krysten will be offering a special class on how to customize your Munny in August, so watch the blog for information. 


M said...

Thanks for the opportunity to participate - this was a lot of fun. Congratulations to Christina for the "Best of Show" - and to all the other participants - they all came out wonderful! Already thinking of a good Halloween "costume" for my next Munny.

SherRee said...

The contest just proves how creative people are and I think Halloween is going to bring in some amazing Munnys.


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