Transfers and Resist Class

My series of technique classes are coming to an end. It has been so much fun and I absolutely love seeing the results of what I am teaching. I learn from my students just as much as I teach them. From the colors people pick to use, to the images (if I give them a choice) shows how individual we each are and how unique. Doing this series has really stretched me as a (dare I say) teacher and artist.. I always just considered myself a stamper.

The journey started when Sandy taught us Zentangle and then continued when Adele Sanborn started working at Wingdoodle and started pushing me to do more. So I have Sandy and Adele to thank for the direction I am headed in, whatever direction that is, it is not where I started. Therefore I am growing and that is what life is about... learning, changing, growing, improving, letting go,  leaving behind, and hopeful becoming a better person.  I want to do these classes again in the fall so if anyone is interested please let me know.  You can also set up your own classes with 3 or more people.

I have one more class next weekend May 7th and we will be taking everything we've learned and doing a 8x8 canvas. If you would like to join this last class just let Wingdoodle know. It is $30.00 and you have to come with some concept of what you want to do. I have about 20 sample tags in the store that you can go through and get ideas. I told most people to pick their favorite techniques and work with it. In the last class we learned to build a collage, do transfers with Sheer Heaven and Sticky Back Canvas and do a resist with acrylic paint. I will be at the store Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday if anyone has questions or would like help in making decisions about this last class.

Have a good week everyone and be creative.  You don't know till you try what you are capable of creating.

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