Glass Slide Class

I'm a little late on posting this, but the season has gotten so busy that I just haven't had time to get to it! I had a wonderful class teaching all sorts of uses with the Ranger Slide Memory Glass, the matching frames and the Memory capsules. We started off by creating a collage. Some did a holiday theme, others had brought their own images so they had an idea in mind. One person made these cool little prints (they were like 3"x3") perfect for the larger slide glass from her Epson PictureMate. She can print out archival pics in a variety of sizes all the way up to 4"x6"...very cool!

Then we worked on the back side...after all when you wear a necklace, people always want to pick it up and look at the other side. After the design was set we took 2 pieces of slide glass and placed one on each side of the design to make a sandwich and then we took copper foil tape and carefully wrapped it around the edges so the 2 pieces of glass won't come apart. Once that is finished we used a foil patina to coat the copper tape to give it an aged look. We don't carry the Patina here at Wingdoodle but Detailed Stained Glass in Concord carries it. Once the copper had been patina'd we attached an aged clip (one of Tim Holtz's that had been dipped in patina as well) and then ball chain and the necklace was ready to be worn.

For the second project we did another collage, and now that everyone had a hang of doing a collage...the pieces took took on a whole new look. This time w
e worked with the Memory Capsules which are designed to fit exactly into the Memory Frames. They allow you to add 3-D objects like shells, sand, mini watch parts, and on and on. So everyone created a piece for their Christmas tree. One of the participants even created a mini snow scene inside her slide capsule..you could shake her piece and the "snow" would start to fall across her scene...how cool is that!

Adele...wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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