Monkey Business

Yesterday, I got to spend the day playing with a bunch of really fun, creative people during NH open Doors. I also got to take a break from working on my new book and complete a needle felting project that I started this summer! This sock monkey is from a kit that I bought at Wingdoodle. The first kit that I bought - (and completed!) was a beginner project making little turtles. The sock monkey was more advanced. I have become addicted to needle felting!

If you have not tried it - basically, you poke wool fibers with a barbed needle to form them into shapes. Yes, it does sound very odd. But if you are feeling rather stressed or annoyed, then poking things with a sharp object can be very therapeutic! It is a lot easier than sewing. Also less expensive and there isn't much equipment needed. AND the instructions in the kits have pictures for each step! The only other thing that you need that doesn't come in the kit, is a piece of thick foam (like upholstery foam or window-insulating foam chunks). This is your work surface. Do NOT work on your lap! Those barbed needles are sharp!

The artist who created the kits, also has two wonderful books on needle felting animals and little creatures. Once you get the hang of the techniques you can find creatures to sculpt from other sources. I really love the knitted and crocheted creatures in the Amigurumi books, but I don't knit or crochet. Any of these creatures would work nicely as needle felted projects! If you want to creature your own characters, Wingdoodle has bags of brightly colored fibers. And you can use colorful dryer lint too! I am thinking that these little creatures would make great holiday gifts too - except that I have a hard time parting with them. :-)

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Adele said...

How cute is that!!! The kits must be great to create a finished product so adorable.


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