I'm a newbie

I am introducing myself to the Wingdoodle blog...I am Adele and I am new to the store but I was at a store meeting last night, and have been asked to write things for Wingdoodle's blog. Well this is all new so I am sure I am going to stumble and make mistakes, but I'm willing to give it a try as long as no one teases me!
Some of you may know me from Caardvark, the store I owned in downtown Concord, NH. I closed it 6 years ago and started to work full time as an artist. I am a calligrapher by trade, but do a lot of mixed media work and love the fact that I am back dabbling in rubberstamps and new art products. I am also teaching a bunch of classes here with SherRee, as a matter of fact I just taught a fun Domino class last Saturday. The students were full of ideas and one of them brought in an accordion folded water color sheet that she had painted and decorated with rubber stamps. It fit perfectly into the mini domino and once put together it was a sight to see. She decorated it with a rubber stamped bird that we then added Versamark too and then colored with PanPastels (mmmmm spreads like butta).  I love teaching, I always get inspired by my students, and although they are always very appreciative, I consider myself lucky because I learn so much from them.


SherRee said...

Love the domino book and the blog.

SandyB said...

Yes, that is amazing!
Did Caardvark really close SIX years ago? I loved your store. But I'm REALLY glad you are at Wingdoodle now. ;-D

SherRee said...

I am too.


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