Japanese Erasers

 Japanese Puzzle Erasers have arrived at Wingdoodle.  These cute and colorful erasers are lead free, there are no phthalate nor latex, no paint, no PVC and are non-toxic.  Authentic Japanese erasers are made in Japan with strict Japanese quality control in environmentally friendly factories and energy saving production.  Not only are the erasers made with recyclable materials, but the packaging is recyclable as well.

These erasers marked 87.7% in erase tests, every corner of the eraser can be used as a real eraser.  They are also puzzles (small parts, not for children under 8 years old.)  The Japanese erasers are hand assembled one by one in Japan, parts of different colors can be taken apart and put back together, it is a fun way to train children's finger skills, association and relationship of various objects and shapes.

We have airplanes, helicopters, various cakes, desserts, fast foods and animals.  Makes a great gift when you put several in one of their little clear plastic boxes or great as  party favors.

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