Happy Tape - Part 2 (washi tape)

Happy Tape is washi paper tape carried at Wingdoodle. Here is the original post from January when the new stash arrived! Washi paper is the Japanese paper we are used to seeing when doing origami. It is durable, takes a fold well and comes in beautiful, beautiful patterns and colors.
Happy Tape is slightly tacky and adheres beautifully to things. But, it is forgiving and most of the time allows for replacement without ripping or sticking.
Washi tape cuts beautifully with non-stick scissors, cuts well with non-coated scissors and tears easily. It's texture is like a smoother masking tape.
Happy tape is translucent which allows it be effective when used on glass, plastic, plexiglass or over images where you still want to see a shadow or outline.
My favorite uses for Happy Tape are when embellishing everyday materials and making them look new and fun.
Here is a card using the brilliant red patterned happy tape as a frame for the stamped and colored image. (Stamp from Stampotique Originals 6002M) Here I coordinated the girls dress to the color of the washi tape.
Here are ordinary packing tags used by scrapbookers and card makers. Just a few strips of Happy Tape and they are dressed up and fun. Instant gratification! Making a series of these would be great wedding favors or bookmarks.
My daughter made these scrumptious cupcakes. I embellished them with a washi paper flag and her birthday number!
Here, I dressed up simple candles from the grocery store. Taking a plain glass candle to match my room's decor.
Lastly, here is a utilitarian purpose for happy tape. Plain old labeling! But there is nothing plain about it. Happy Tape is easy to write on, too!

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