Groovy Girls Have Returned To Wingdoodle !

Do you remember the Groovy Girls? They all had special names and they had very sweet faces and we loved them all and we could make clothes for them and dress them easily.....
Come and meet the Princess in Pink and the two mermaids - one of them is a princess in disguise - (her legs are hidden inside a "fake" tail. When she takes it off, she can ride her beautiful blue seahorse. She can also change into the lovely red polkadot dress outfit.
LilyDolls are back in production too!! We're awaiting our first in March.
"How do the Humbugs feel about the Groovies?" you ask. 
Well, Lucy and DragonflyBoy have befriended them and are introducing them to everyone else here, at Wingdoodle.
Sandy returned from her book-writing retreat in Maine and was very happy to meet our new "family" members.
I don't have photos just now, but come and meet them and also pick up your COLORING CONTEST PAPERS !!!

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