Ash's Shoes

If you have been to Wingdoodle you have seen Sandy's sneakers that she Zentangled. Ash was inspired by the idea and decorated her own sneakers. Her mother sent us the pictures of the results after she was done. I thought they were really cool so I asked if we could put the pictures and instructions on Wingdoodle's blog. The instruction are as followed:

1. Using new sneakers, pencil or chalk outline of the image you want.

2. Shake your oil based Sharpie Paint Markers to activate and prepare them for use.

3. Outline image with Sharpie Paint marker, fill in according to the color. Some colors and textures require multiple coats of ink.

Tips: When adding images to the shoe, fill the shoe with crumbled newspaper for support. Take out the laces after you have drawn on your image in pencil or chalk, so that you can see where the laces fall on the shoe. Then remove laces so they don't get stained with errant Sharpie. After you have finished your image and it has dried overnight, spray with a sealant to further protect the shoe. Coordinate different laces with the shoe according to colors, etc.

This can be done with jeans, a purse or a jean skirt as well.

Great job Ash and thank you for the instructions and for letting us post the pictures on
our blog.

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