Wingdoodle's Coloring Contest Winners

It was very difficult selecting the winners of the
first Wingdoodle Coloring Contest. We had so many colorful and creative entries that Kay and
Sandy decided to have more then 4 winners. As a big thank you to everyone who entered and made our first contest so successful, Wingdoodle is sending out a coupon worth $5.00 in Wingdoodle dollars. Bring it by the store and redeem it for $5.00 in merchandise. And again thank you for all your beautiful entries.

Winners of Wingdoodle's Coloring Contest are as follows:

People's Choice Award - Rachael Dill Age 16

1st Place Ages 2-5 - Lyla Holobowicz Age 5
2nd Place Ages 2-5 - Delia Leslie Age 3

Tie for 1st Place in the age group 6-10

1st Place Ages 6 -10 - Morgan Fleury Age 7
1st Place Ages 6-10 - Kaitlin Fleury Age 9
2nd Place Ages 6-10 - Helen Dill Age 6

We had so many entries for the age group 11 and over Kay and Sandy decided to divide it in to two different groups. Therefore we have 11-18 year olds and adults 19 and up.

1st Place Ages 11-18 - Ashley Hatcher Age 16
2nd Place Ages 11-18 - Samantha Hardy Age 12

1st Place Ages 19-up - Karen Hardy Age 44
2nd Place Ages 19-up - Pearl A. Tuttle Age 80

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