Washi Paper Quilting

Washi Paper Quilting is a unique fun way to create beautiful three dimensional (3D) "puffy" designs. Washi Paper Quilting is based on a tradional Japanese doll making technique call "Kime Komi" and Oshie. Japanese kimono fabric is used on the dolls, but Hanko Designs decided to incorporate Japanses Washi paper instead. The handmade silk screened Washi Paper enables you to addapt the "Kime Komi: technique. We just got in 2 of their new Washi Paper Quilting kits. The kits include patterns, foam, board and instructions, just add paper. Also check out some of Hanko's beautiful papers at Wingdoodle. The papers can be used for Iris Folding, Origami and general card making.
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Norman said...

Check out Hanko website for more samples. www.hankodesigns.com


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