The Rest Is Up To You

A collaboration between 118 artists and a boy named Cohen Morano.

Like many kids, third-grader Cohen Morano likes to watercolor. What's different about his paintings is that his father , Aye Jay, sends them out into the world to be added to and altered by a stellar roster of lowbrow artists, children's illustrators, and street and graffiti artists. The resulting collaborations between Cohen and everyone from Gary Baseman to Shepard Fairey to Paul Frank form a stunning and playful body of work, with a focus on celebrating the creativity of childhood.

Witness what happens when artists like Tim Biskup, James Jean, Chris Ware, and Mark Ryden team up with the gleeful exuberance of a child's imagination. The Rest Is Up To You unites the top names of the indie art world with a charming little boy named Cohen; the art they create together, and the story of that collaboration, will delight art buffs, parents, and children alike.

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