It's hard to find fun games and puzzles for very young children. Wingdoodle carries eeBoo learning games, flash cards and puzzles which are great for the 3 and up crowd.

Alphabet & Numbers is a puzzle and game in one. Match pictures to letters and dots to numbers to make simple puzzle pairs! Develops letter and number recognition.

Read to Me Pictures and Words is a pre-reading activity puzzle and game. "Read to Me" is not designed to teach reading, but to give a child familiarity with the concepts that will facilitate learning to read, while enjoying a shared activity with a parent that introduces, review, or expands upon a knowledge of the characteristics of familiar things. Match familiar objects with simple texts.

Simple Words is another pre-reading activity game. Your child will learn to match pictures to words, link simple sounds to letters of the alphabet and become familiar with consonant and vowel combinations.

Animal Spelling Puzzles contains 10 animal spelling puzzles. Put head and tail on either end, and you will make a puzzle friend. But there's more to this pre-reading game: the puzzle also spells its name!

Rhyming Words encourages vocabulary development and enhances fine motor skills. Match the pictures showing words that rhyme to make interlocking puzzle pairs.

Opposites is a game and puzzle where pictures showing opposites are matched to make interlocking puzzle pairs.

Alphabet Flash Cards include 45 colorful cards that introduce children letter sounds and simple phonics.

Spanish and French Flash Cards include 56 flash cards and pronunciation guides. Beautiful pictures teach basic French or Spanish vocabulary. Along with the flash cards we also have Spanish and French Bingo.

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