Little Humbugs

The Little Humbugs are based on the engaging book series that involves children on a quest to help The Little Humbugs save Mother Earth. The Little Humbugs are the Protectors of Nature but they are coming under so much pressure that the Butterfly Girls seek the help of human children.

Designed and created by children's author and illustrator Marghanita Hughes this engaging brand will delight and captivate a generation of eco-minded children.

Wingdoodle is a favorite place for Jasmine the Butterfly Girl, Lucy the Bird Keeper, Chloe the Gardener Doll, Nika the Gemstone Collector and Flint the Dragonfly Boy to hang out
until they find a permanent home.

All Humbug dolls are made with eco-friendly recycled stuffing made from plastic bottles, phthalate free and tested to European and North American safety standards.

While you are picking up one of the Little Humbugs at Wingdoodle pick up one of the humbug books to read about the adventures of Jasmine and her friends.
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