Doll House

Our official toy tester has given two thumbs up (if we could only get her hands free of the dolls) for this fabulous wooden doll house with furniture, dolls and car. These are from LE TOY VAN of France, and they are made of wood from rubber trees that no longer produce rubber, but are ideal for toys, because the wood does not splinter. The paints are free of toxic elements like lead and the colors are clear and bright. The house goes together without any tools or hardware. The dolls have wire in the bodies, so they are poseable, and include characters such as princess, king, jester, fire fighters and fairies. Oh, and Lilah wants you to know that the windows and shutters really open!
This doll house comes with a set of furniture, but there are other sets like garden furniture and playgrounds, as well as a fire station and a fairy castle.
These toys are designed in France, made in Indonesia, and inspected by US and European standards.

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