Games, games everywhere, Wingdoodle has a wonderful selection of creative and fun games for the whole family. One of our new games is called Can You See What I See? for ages 4 and up. Each game averages about 10 minutes of playing time and you can have 2-6 players. No reading is required and there are rules included for older players.

Then Kay's favorite game is Captain Clueless Lost in the Caribbean. Set a course for high seas hilarity aboard this party game that puts you behind the rose-colored sunglasses of Captain R. U. Clueless-the world's most oblivious cruise ship captain. While blindfolded, try to navigate a clear route to your chosen Caribbean port without running into land or running out of time. Your teammates can help guide you but may only give a limited number of clues! The first team to reach it's final destination wins. This is a great game for 4-8 players age 8+.

Match of the Penguins is a fun flipping card game. Think all penguins look alike? Better think again in this fast-playing game of colorful confusion. This game helps kids visual identification and hand-eye coordination. 2-6 players 6 and up.

Then there is PandaMonium the musical mimicking card game for ages 6 and up for 2-6 players. Got quick reflexes and a good memory? Test your skills in this fast action card game of musical mayhem.

What a brain teaser try On The Dot. See spots like never before! In this amazing brain teaser, try to arrange four transparent squares so they perfectly line up to match the dots shown on the pattern card. The challenge is to figure out how they all fit together. Play by yourself or race against others in a Dot-to-Dot dash. Over 60 different puzzles for hours of brain-boosting fun! You can have 1-4 players ages 10 to adult.

If you like puzzles we have the ultimate puzzle twist. Engage your brain with this multi-layer visual challenge that will have you seeing double! Separate the 16 puzzle tiles, mix them up, and try to recombine them in the right order. Straight-forward enough... but the twist is that there's no obvious starting point and each tile has a pair of images that morphs from one into another. It is an Optillusion puzzle for ages 8 and up.

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