Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

Men aren't really so hard to find gifts for....... 
My Dad was a prime example of "easy" - he wore a tie every day, except when he wore scrubs in the OR or when he gardened. BUT he liked ONLY SILK - and not too loud. And NO red. (Estonians hated red.) He also loved FINE LEATHER (as in Wallets). And STERLING SILVER. And superbly crafted CANDLES. He tried never to drink from a paper cup and he liked fine china and COFFEE MUGS that had interesting designs. He collected these. And he loved beautiful books and magazines that looked and felt and smelled good. I still have some of these. And CHESS was his favorite of all the strategy games we used to play.
  We don't sell ties here, at Wingdoodle, but we do have the most buttery soft wallets (and handbags). Did you know that men in other parts of the world carry handbags? 
   We have GAMES for all levels of SERIOUS. We always try to emphasize FAMILY activities, and that includes DAD! The Ball of Whacks, and the Card Packs are fun for all of us, if Dad lets us get our hands on them! 
    I'm excited about the (to me) new magazine "SWINDLE" (which isn't what you think) and the collectors' figures, like the GOLEM, which is a modern reincarnation of the classic
    You could also consider giving Dad an introductory ZENTANGLE class - we have lovely GIFT CERTIFICATES designed by Sandy. 
    So, you really want to come in tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday (Fathers' Day) and feel the leather and sniff the candles (which have NO smell - they're soy) and enjoy the 20% discount
in honor of Dad. 
Have a great weekend! Kay


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