Black and Light Candles

What makes Black and Light candles so unique? These candles have a 15 hour-an-inch burn time, which is about 3 times the average of regular candles. These candles have the unbelievable ability to glow from wick to base. Once lit, the glow literally bursts from every angle of the candle and even out through the bottom.

They are designed, created and manufactured here in the United States. Packaged and shipped by workers with disabilities, Black and Light Co. creates jobs in a tough market economy and they also support several charitable concerns. Each candle takes over 3 days in production and 20 man hours to create.

Fragrance-free they do not interfere with the aroma of home cooked meals, perfume, fresh cut flowers or create allergic reactions in people or their pets. They are packaged in recycled and reusable boxes that are-in and of themselves-gifts.

Mothers Day is coming and this would be a wonderful gift.
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