Gift Idea for a little Kid

We've been "testing" this doll out in our house with my two year old. Actually, she's become a part of our family. Originally, she was a doll from Corolle, in the Poupette series, and I have no idea what her name (on the box) was. In our family, her name is Paummi and she is from France.

Why do I love her? Well, for starters she is soft and cuddly. She is smiling and friendly, not cutesy. And OH she smells good! I don't know how they do it, but she smells like baby powder and vanilla cookies... can't quite put my finger on it, but delicious. Other good points... her hair is brushable and can be smoothed out again after being carried around by it all day. Her clothes go on (and off) apron style with velcro tabs at neck and waist. Her body is a "stuffed shirt" and shorts, so she is never really naked. And there are other outfits available (and affordable!) that slip on easily too. No shoes and socks - but that's realistic. And her rubbery hands can hold a real animal cracker.

I've already bought "Fifi," another of the Poupette dolls, for Lilah's Xmas present. (Her name will be changed really quickly! Maybe "Jasmine"?) There is also a dark skinned doll and one with reddish hair and freckles. They all seem to be ethnic mixes, which is nice. Although Paummi doesn't look a thing like my baby but she loves her just the same. Besides clothing, there is a feeding set with a carton of milk and bananas (!) and a sleeping set with pj's and sleeping bag. My daughter rigged her own sleeping bag for her baby...

The Poupette dolls and their accessories are available at Wingdoodle, but are disappearing quickly. So grab one soon (or call and have one set aside!) I know you (and your little one) will adore this doll too!

- Sandy

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